City West Housing supports ‘locals growing local’

As part of the City West Housing placemaking initiative announced in 2015 we have had tenants from The Platform Apartments in Eveleigh, O’Dea St Zetland, Macarthur and John Streets Pyrmont request communal gardens.

Our John Street tenants requested a compost bin which is now in place and participated in a ‘Composting basics—talk and demonstration’ where they learnt how to turn organic kitchen scraps into compost as well as useful soil builder and plant fertiliser.

Over the past year City West Housing has supported our tenants to develop sustainable shared community gardens in the communal areas.

Tenants from The Platform, O’Dea and Macarthur Streets have already participated in several working bees which included educational workshops for each project hosted by horticulturalist Jon Kingston and Green Aid Australia.

All three gardens are now fully operational with a ‘share food’ concept for all tenants to access.

Feedback from tenants

The core group is growing, slowly but surely, but I’ve noticed people outside the group appreciate the garden too. One of the level six residents brought all his visiting relatives to see the garden - they were very impressed!

Yesterday I met a mother and daughter from level 5 on the rooftop - the daughter had brought her up to see. The woman told me she hadn’t visited the garden since she moved in. And she was impressed too

There’s a young chef who uses the herbs for cooking, and I’m sure many more unseen garden-appreciators that might come to light as our work continues”.

We’ve achieved so much, the garden looks great and I think we could work towards properly growing (more of, at least) our own food next year. It’s been great way of getting to know my neighbours too. And Jon has been an excellent leader and teacher. Thanks, also, for all your support CWH. The bench storage is excellent and will make a real difference to accessibility”.

I look forward to the gardening workshops. I find it incredibly therapeutic!”


Garden workshops planned for 2017