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Taste from home - cookbook

Photo: Cookbook featuring easy recipes, memories of family and stories.

Over the past few months CWH tenants and staff have put their heart and soul into a cookbook that shares not only some of their favourite recipes but also why those recipes are meaningful to them.

The cookbook was developed in partnership with UTS: Design, Architecture & Building students from Socially Responsive Design.

Featuring easy recipes, memories of family, stories from many food cultures.

The taste from home cookbook is free to download - click here

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Photo: proud sponsor of new toolkit for community housing providers
CWH was a proud sponsor of new toolkit for community housing providers

The new program, officially launched on International Women's Day, has been developed for community housing providers, to help strengthen approaches to domestic and family violence and older women's homelessness.

We were joined by representatives from NSW Federation of Housing, Domestic Violence NSW, Homelessness NSW and the Older Women's Studio Development project to learn about the new tool.

The event also included a panel discussion about the development of the program and the issues surrounding housing…

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Photo: new plans for 450 new affordable homes
City of Sydney Council reveals plans for 450 new affordable homes Published by: 27 August 2016

Key Sydney workers battling to find housing on low incomes such as nurses, cleaners, security people, teachers and police are to be offered 450 affordable new homes.

The City of Sydney Council has announced plans to build 300 units at Green Square on vacant land, and 150 at the soon-to-close Marian Street council cleaning depot at Redfern.

City of Sydney chief executive Monica Barone said: “If people on low to moderate incomes can’t find reasonable affordable housing…

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Basis for an estimated need of 100,000 social housing dwellings in NSW over the next two decades.

Household and dwelling projections

The NSW State government, Department of Planning & Environment (DP&E) projects the number of households in NSW to be 3.815m by 2036, up from an estimated 2.751m in 2011.

These projections are marginally higher than the ABS projections of 3.721m. 

The data in this article is based on DP&E estimates which suggest a projected average increase of around 43,000 households per year over the next 25 years.

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