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Kylie’s story

Photo: Kylie, CWH tenant - City West has helped get me back on my feet

Kylie experienced a difficult couple of years battling with some personal issues but City West provided the stability she needed to create the life she wanted. 

“City West has helped get me back on my feet. It was very hard at first but knowing I had secure housing and a roof over my head was the first step to my recovery. I wouldn’t want to imagine where I would have ended up without the help and support from City West.”

With her past experience and the stability that living at City West has afforded her, Kylie has been motivated to give back to the…

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Alessandra storyBack to top

Photo: For Alessandra, this has helped her family fully integrate into the community

Living with her husband and daughter, securing affordable housing is one of the most important things for Alessandra and her family. 

After finding out about City West Housing via a lovely chap waiting at the same bus stop, Alessandra and her family were able to apply and secure a two bedroom apartment, with a balcony in Pyrmont that they could afford and subsequently create a lovely new home.

“With beautiful views everywhere, easy access to the CBD and so many lovely people, it is one of the best areas to live in Sydney for our young family. Actually, it’s one of the best areas…

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Paula’s storyBack to top


Paula wouldn’t have been able to maintain her job without a home. Paula had been doing it tough. Though she had been in steady work, "everything went pear-shaped" when she was widowed. She had been renting from a friend in Waterloo. The friend had financial problems and Paula was suddenly homeless.

Through one of those wonderful, unexpected connections, her daughter's husband's brother had recently acquired a CWH unit in Pyrmont and suggested Paula put in an application. She made the call and was invited in for coffee and a chat to discuss her future.

Paula made light of…

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Sharleen’s storyBack to top


Ironically, it was the fact that Sharleen was working that made it so hard for her to get assistance in finding accommodation. When she had to leave her home after a relationship breakdown, she had no money saved, so could not raise a bond herself but was earning just a little to much to qualify for rental bond assistance. She was not on Centrelink, so the Department of Housing could not help her. Neither could the Salvo's or Vinnies. The YWCA gave her a place to stay, but only for a few weeks before they arranged for a place in a boarding house. It was an improvement on friends' couches but of the 106…

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As an employee of City of Sydney working in vehicle maintenance, it became a practical necessity for Ken Wise and his wife, Lorna, both in their 50s, to live near his employer.

However, traditional rental property prices for the area were simply prohibitive, and so the closest accommodation they could afford was a flat in Maroubra, which eventually no longer suited once their two grown daughters had left home.

After a recommendation to look into City West Housing, the couple – who have been married 32 years and moved to inner Sydney from Ken’s home in the UK in 1994 – applied…

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