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450 new affordable homes - plans revealed

  • August 2016
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Photo: new plans for 450 new affordable homes

City of Sydney Council reveals plans for 450 new affordable homes

Published by: 27 August 2016

Key Sydney workers battling to find housing on low incomes such as nurses, cleaners, security people, teachers and police are to be offered 450 affordable new homes.

The City of Sydney Council has announced plans to build 300 units at Green Square on vacant land, and 150 at the soon-to-close Marian Street council cleaning depot at Redfern.

City of Sydney chief executive Monica Barone said: “If people on low to moderate incomes can’t find reasonable affordable housing close to their jobs in the city, they’ll move further away to seek work nearer their new homes, and we’ll lose their valuable skills.”

The decision was immediately welcomed, but branded “just a drop in the ocean of need” by industry experts, saying the NSW government should be doing more.

“That’s very welcome news,” said Wendy Hayhurst, chief executive of the NSW Federation of Housing Associations (NSWFHA). “Any new affordable housing stock is wonderful to see.

“But local government can only do so much, and it is just a drop in the ocean of need, both in terms of the backlog of people needing this kind of accommodation, and as the population of Sydney increases going into the future.”

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