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Repairs and maintenance

How to report a repair

City West Housing's office is open 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday. Calls outside these hours will be diverted to our after hours service. Please note that missed trade appointments, or calling the after-hours service for non-urgent repairs, may result in a tenant charge.

You can report a repair or maintenance issue, by completing our online repair form. Our maintenance department will respond the next working day or call the City West Housing’s office on during our business hours. Press 1 for the maintenance department.

Repair timelines

Once you have requested a repair, you will be given a timeframe for the work to be completed, and our team will send a work order to the relevant contractor.

Our contractor will contact you directly to arrange a convenient appointment time. If you need to change the appointment please call us at least 24 hours in advance. City West Housing has two repairs categories:

  • Urgent repairs are attended within 24 hours
  • Non urgent repairs are attended within 7 days

If you have any questions about the progress of your repairs, please call our office and press 1 for the maintenance department.

Our Repairs and Maintenance Policy can be downloaded if you would like further information. 


Common issues

My shower or toilet is blocked (but not flooding)

Check with your local council to see if the water has been disconnected due to work being carried out in the area. Otherwise contact our Maintenance team and we will arrange for a contractor to attend. If you do not have a second toilet and/or shower, the request will be actioned as an emergency request.

My lights won’t work

Check to see if the light circuit breakers in the power box have tripped. You can reset them by turning them off and on again. 

If any light bulbs are blown, replace them. If they still don’t work, call the Maintenance team and we’ll arrange a contractor to attend. 

My oven won’t work

Check the power box outside to ensure. This can be a common issue for new tenants or when black outs and power surges occur.

The majority of ovens require the clock to be set before they will operate. It is your responsibility as a tenant to reset oven clocks and timers.

Oven manuals and troubleshooting guides can be viewed from the oven manufacturer’s website.  

Your responsibility


You must ensure that there are not any pot plants, mats, outdoor furniture or other materials on or near the drains. Pot plants are placed on the floor, not on railings or ledges. Poorly kept or covered drains may result in flooding. Any damage, as a result may be charged to the tenant

Fire hazards

You must remove any personal property from stairwells, common areas and storage facilities that could be a potential fire hazard including flammable liquid, batteries and other hazardous materials. If you do not remove the material as agreed, then you will be responsible for the cost of a contractor removing it.

Pest Control

We are responsible for:

  • Eliminating pests that threaten your property (e.g. termites)
  • Infestations that are identified within six weeks of you moving in to the property and
  • Infestations that occur due to plague movements in the region (as identified by authorities)

Day-to-day control of pests is your responsibility. If you suspect a major infestation or plague movement, contact the Maintenance Team.

Repairs That May be Recharged to You

We understand that over time there will be some deterioration due to the normal ageing process and use of the property. This deterioration is called 'fair wear-and-tear' and you won't be charged for repairs and maintenance related to this as per your Tenancy Agreement.

Non-Fair Wear-And-Tear

Any damage caused due by you, a tenant or your visitors as a result of mistreatment or neglect (including damage caused by pets) is not considered to be fair wear-and-tear and will be charged to you. Please speak to your Tenancy Services Coordinator to determine how the repairs will be made, the cost of the repairs and the payment method.

Rechargeable Repairs

For your reference, a list of the most common repairs and maintenance items that may be recharged to you are listed below:

  • Lost keys requiring entry / rekey of lock
  • Damage caused by forced entry after lost keys
  • Pest control required due to poor property care
  • Damaged walls due to poor care or unauthorised alterations
  • Toilet blockages caused by tenant items