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Building upgrades

Fire Upgrade Works

The Final phase of the fire upgrade works is in full swing, with the works due for completion in February 2018. The works are collectively called “passive works”.

What are passive fire-works?

Passive fire protection systems are designed to contain fire and smoke to a limited area and to slow down the burn rate of the building. Limiting or slowing down the spread of flames and smoke is important in that it gives people more time to safely escape

Why the works?

CWH has been working with the local council to ensure all passive fire-works meet current fire codes and regulations, the upgrades ensure all complexes managed by CWH are safe for all residents in the event of a fire

Does this mean that our building was not safe?

No all building meet passive fire codes and regulations at the time of construction, CWH has taken the added approach to ensure the safety of all tenants and current fire regulation are meet

The table below shows the progress of the upgrade works.

Building to be upgraded

% completed

Completion date
6-10 Wattle Street, Pyrmont 100% Complete
223-229 Harris St, Pyrmont 100% Complete
15 Jones Street, Pyrmont 100% Complete
17 Jones Street, Pyrmont 100% Complete
14a Quarry Masters Drive, Pyrmont 100% Complete
137 Murray Street, Pyrmont 100% Complete
88 John Street, Pyrmont 100% Complete
54-64 MacArthur Street, Ultimo 100% Complete
35 O'Dea Avenue, Zetland 56% 30 January 2018
29-33 Lachlan Street, Zetland 65% 30 December 2017
82 Mary Ann Street, Ultimo 0% 30 January 2018
3 Grandstand Parade, Zetland 100% Complete
346 Bulwarra road 100% Complete

Lifecycle works

As part of CWH lifecycle program, 12x kitchens in 346-348 Bulwara Rd, Ultimo had been upgraded. Kitchen design has been well planned to ensure all areas of cupboard spaces have been utilised to maximise capacity use including a magic corner fitted!  


Cyclical Painting

As part of the cyclical maintenance program, 3 Grandstand Parade, Zetland received a freshen up with a significant amount of external works completed, some of which include

Cyclical painting- units, façade and common area
Roof area – recoat roof sheeting steel support elements
External façade – repair cracking and efflorescence to external street access stairway
External façade – repair cracking to external façade
External Façade – Architectural screen – Pressure cleaning
Balcony – Recoat structural steel beams
Balcony- repair fixing and repaint balustrades handrail
Balcony – Repair, reseal and repair blade partition walls
Install storm – tech strip drain in front of lift on every level

What is cyclical maintenance?

This is works that have been scheduled for completion as part of the 10-year Asset Maintenance plan, each year the plans are revised to ensure funding is made available for CWH Assets to a high standard.


Remediation works

CWH has recently undertaken an investigation into the remedial works required throughout the Asset Portfolio, it has been identified that Seven of the CWH complexes require external remedial works to be completed, for those who have been affected the contractor will write to all tenants directly to make arrangements to access the units and balconies. All tenants are asked to cooperate fully with the contractors so that they can complete their works as smoothly as possible. All works are due for completion by May 2018.

Urgent after-hours repairs

Should you require URGENT after-hours assistance with maintenance - click here for details


Building to be upgraded

Upgrade works


Installation of fire panels
New smoke and emergency lighting systems
Compliance for handrails, fire stairs
Smoke exhaust systems
Upgrade of hydrant/sprinkler systems
Individual unit certification of smoke detection, fire rating, fire doors and dampers.



Upgrade/replacement of access systems


Upgrade/replacement to all essential pumps and hot water systems.

Window safety locks device

Compliance with “Child Safety Window Devices Act 2013”

Cyclical maintenance (unit painting, carpet renewal etc.) will be introduced during this time.