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Tenancy services

How we calculate your rent

Your rent is calculated by applying the market rent for your property and then deducting any rent rebate for which you are entitled.

The market rent for your property will be determined by City West Housing (CWH) and/or an independent valuation. Market rent is the maximum rent payable for each property. 

Some tenants are eligible for a rent rebate, which is the difference between the market rent and the rent you pay. A rent rebate is ensures that you will never pay more than 30% of your gross household income towards your rent.

The below table shows what proportion of your gross household income you will pay towards your rent depending on your income group, which is then used to calculate your rent rebate: 

Proportion of your gross household income that goes toward your rent

(as at November 2017)
% of gross household income paid
​toward market rent
Up to $42,300 25%
$42,301 - $67,600 27.5%
$67,601 - $101,400 30%


Rent reviews

CWH will conduct a rent review twice a year and require tenants to provide accurate and up-to-date information about their household income.

Providing false or misleading information is an offence and a serious breach of your Tenancy Agreement with CWH. You must notify us with 7 days of any changes to your household income during your tenancy to enable us to reassess your rebate. Failure to comply may put your tenancy at risk of termination.

How to pay your rent

All tenants are expected to pay their rent in advance as per the terms of the lease. There are several options to pay your rent.

Internet banking

Please pay your rent into the following account:

City West Housing 
Commonwealth Bank
BSB 062-006
Account Number 1029-3679

Please remember to put your Agent Number on your payment (you can find this on your Residential Tenancy Agreement


Centrepay means that your rent gets paid directly to CWH from your Centrelink benefit each fortnight. We have forms at our office to assist you with this or you can phone the numbers below to arrange for your rent payment to be started, changed or cancelled.

13 28 50 ........... Newstart/Employment
13 61 50 ........... Family/Parenting
13 27 17 ........... Disability/Sickness/Carer
13 23 00 ........... Age Pension/Retirement
13 24 90 ........... Youth and Student
13 23 17 ........... ABSTUDY 

Difficulty paying your rent

We understand that things may happen from time-to-time that affects your ability to pay your rent. However, not paying your rent will put your tenancy at risk.

Please contact your Tenancy Services Coordinator immediately if you are having financial difficulties. Your Tenancy Services Coordinator will be able to:

  • Discuss your rent account with you
  • Offer advice
  • Help you to enter into a payment plan to help you pay off any arrears
  • Refer you to a professional Financial Counselling service

CWH is now offering in partnership with Wesley Mission a free and confidential service to families and individuals of CWH that are experiencing financial difficulties. Read more ...