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Ending a tenancy

Information for tenants about ending a tenancy

Under your Residential Tenancy Agreement tenants are required to give: 

  • A minimum of 14 days’ notice during a fixed term; or
  • A minimum of 21 days’ notice to end a periodic agreement.

All City West Housing tenancies are a periodic agreement after the initial 6 month period, therefore a minimum of 21 days’ notice is required. 

If no notice is given and there are no exceptional circumstances you will be charged rent to the end of the 21 day period.

Wherever possible, where a tenant gives notice a pre-termination visit will be carried out and the tenant will be sent a letter listing things that need to be done for return of bond. Arrangements will be made for a joint property inspection and the return of the keys on the final day. During this property inspection an outgoing condition report will be completed and the tenant will be advised of any rent and/or water due up to the end of tenancy date.

If City West Housing decides to recover any outstanding charges from the bond the tenant will be advised and asked to sign a bond form. The bond form will be forwarded by CWH to the Rental Bond Board.