A high-performing team

High levels of satisfaction with organisational performance, staff teamwork, culture, and opportunities for learning and development are the highlights of City West Housing’s 2022 Employee Engagement Survey.

The past couple of years of navigating COVID has been a unique and challenging time for many organisations, including City West Housing. Despite this, our staff have stepped up as a team to provide the best service and support for our residents.

The results from the Employee Engagement Survey include:

  • Progress: 82% of respondents indicated that they are very satisfied with our progress as an organisation and the role our staff plays in City West Housing successfully achieving outcomes. We outperformed the community housing industry benchmark* by 9% and improved on our results from last year in this area by 5%.
  • Cross-unit cooperation: This year’s survey showed a marked increase in our staff reporting that the level of knowledge- and information-sharing throughout our organisation is high. This is up by 20% on our 2021 survey and 38% above the community housing industry benchmark.
  • Values: responses indicate that City West Housing has a strong culture, with almost all respondents (96%) believing in the overall purpose of our organisation
  • Learning and development: our focus in this area has resulted in over 90% of respondents feeling that City West Housing is committed to ongoing training and development of staff that has helped to improve their performance.

The survey also identified areas for growth. City West Housing is committed to continuous improvement, and we will use the results from the Employee Survey to develop action plans that will help to shape future improvements.

* Industry benchmark provided by the Voice Project

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