Alice’s journey to home ownership

Alice has been a City West Housing resident for almost nine years. Lately she has been very busy preparing to take the next big step of home ownership and moving into her own 2-bedroom unit in Lakemba.

“When I first moved into the Platform affordable housing apartments at Eveleigh, I really didn’t believe I could one day afford to buy my own home, so being in this position is quite amazing and exciting,” Alice said.

Living in affordable housing has allowed Alice to save for the deposit on her home, as only 30% of her income was going towards rent. This meant she was never in rental stress, defined as housing that costs more than 30% of gross household income. She was therefore able to remain financially stable and work towards her goal of home ownership.
‘For me living in affordable housing has meant being able to successfully manage this goal,” Alice said. “I’m grateful that City West Housing supported me to sustain my tenancy these past few years, but as they did with me, they also want to support any resident to get their own property or go out successfully to the private rental market, if that’s what they want to do.’

Alice works full time at the Centre for Volunteering, a not-for-profit organisation, as the Coordinator of the Inclusive Volunteering Program. She finds her role of helping to reduce and remove barriers to volunteering and future employment for people living with a disability or mental health issues very rewarding.

During her time as a City West Housing resident, Alice has been playing an active role in helping to create happy and safe homes for other residents. She was one of the founding members of the Tenants Voice (TV) Group and was awarded the Leadership Award in 2020 for advocating for residents and participating in media opportunities to promote the benefits of affordable housing.

Alice said that all the staff she deals with at City West Housing were very excited when she let them know she would be handing back her keys to move into her own home. She added that her experience as a resident has been a very positive one.

“It’s sad to be leaving such a wonderful community and place to live, but the next chapter is waiting for me!”

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