Alteration Requests

You need to ask CWH for permission in writing to:

– add a fixture;
– make any renovation;
– or to alter or add to your unit.

Generally, alterations and additions are paid for by the tenant and need to be done by a licensed tradesperson.

Your request will be considered by our maintenance team and if suitable, a quote for the works will be provided to you. If you agree to the cost, and if consent is given, the works will be carried out by our contractor. We will then invoice you for the cost of the alteration or addition which you are expected to pay within 7 days.

If you need modifications to your unit because of a disability or illness you will need to be assessed by an Occupational Therapist or a medical specialist. The report from the Occupational Therapist will be looked at by the maintenance team who will decide what work needs to be done, which tradespeople need to do the work and how much they will cost.

Please send this additional information to us through:
or mail to: 2/56 Harris St Pyrmont NSW 2009

– Don’t start any work without written approval from CWH.
– Any works will be carried out by a Contractor arranged by CWH.
– The alterations/additions and their on-going maintenance costs will be paid for by you.
– You will let CWH know when the approved alterations or additions are completed.
– CWH will then invoice you for the cost of alteration/addition. You will be expected to pay within 7 days
– If you leave the property you will remove or pay CWH for the removal of the alteration/addition and pay for any costs incurred in repairing any damage to the premises caused by undertaking or removing alterations or additions.
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