Aspire a blessing for Elizabeth

Year 10 student and City West Housing resident Elizabeth has been falling behind in maths at school due to ill-health. Her mother Hepisipa says: “Elizabeth has not been well this year and she often misses school one or two days a week.”

“She’s really happy to get a maths tutor thanks to Aspire because the tutor explains things better than her teacher and it’s individual learning for one hour a week.”

Aspire Education Fund is an exciting new City West Housing initiative to support young residents to stay in high school. Residents who are parents or primary caregivers of young people currently in Years 7-10 can apply for up to $1,000 a year in support for their child’s education.

Hepisipa says: “It’s a blessing to have such an opportunity for my daughter. I definitely want her to stay in school until the end of Year 12 and she’s willing to work hard to finish her education.”

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