Build Your Neighbourhood

We want YOUR IDEAS for how best to Build Your Neighbourhood

Thank you for submitting your BYN Expressions of Interest – submissions are now closed for 21/22

Thank you to everyone who submitted ideas for the 21/22 BYN program, we are currently assessing the expressions of interests (EOI). Final applications by those who submitted EOIs are due by COB 12 November. Please stay tuned for announcements of the successful projects. The program is delivered annually so please take part by submitting your BYN ideas for the 22/21 program, next year. Any questions please email:

What is Build Your Neighbourhood (BYN)?

BYN is a program for City West Housing residents to submit ideas for projects to make your neighbourhood and community better with a body, mind and soul theme.

Successful projects will get funding to make those ideas a reality. 

It’s about building happy and thriving communities. 

We believe that you know what’s best for your community and this is a way of getting your say in the types of programs that CWH runs.  

The purpose of BYN is to help residents:

  • connect with each other
  • feel engaged 
  • get involved in your communities and buildings.

The program is designed to promote your health, happiness and wellbeing.

BYN aims to foster inclusive and accessible communities whereresidents are proud to live, feel safe and empowered – and where residents have a genuine say in the way we do things. 

Looking for great projects

We believe getting to know your neighbours can be done through enriching your body, mind and soul. You should also think about ways that we can keep connected and thrive during lockdown. We’ll be looking to support projects that activate the:

  • Body: indoor or outdoor activities.
  • Mind: learning, meditation, discussion.
  • Soul: culture, cooking, creativity, gardening.

What’s different this year? 

We’re proud of what BYN achieved last year, however, we’ve listened to your feedback and made some changes so it is easier to submit your ideas. We’re also here to give support to anyone who needs help with their submission. 

 Our new process

  1. Residents are invited to put forward ideas by completing an Expression of Interest (EOI) Form.
  2. We will review these EOIs and invite residents whose ideas have made it to the second round to attend COVID safe online information sessions.
  3. At the Information Sessions residents will be supported through the application process to learn how to turn an idea into a reality, including guidance on how to write a project proposal with a budget and timeline.
  4. Residents in round two are then invited to submit their final project proposals.
  5. CWH will consider the proposals, choose the finalists and advise all the applicants of the outcome of their submission.

Please note that only CWH residents, including their household members, are eligible to submit ideas for BYN. 

    Help build your neighbourhood social media competition is finalised for 21/22

    If you are a CWH resident and share a post of your Build Your Neighbourhood (BYN) idea on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #cwhbuildyourneighbourhood you can win a prize! Please tag us @citywesthousing on insta and @cwh.citywesthousing on Facebook so we can see your post.

    By sharing your *submitted BYN idea on CWH social media with #cwhbuildyourneighbourhood you go into the draw to win a stencilling craft box from 107 Projects. The craft box is filled with all the materials and support you need to get creative from home, designed by a local artist.

    For bonus points please include an image to share your BYN idea and/or update your Facebook Profile with a BYN frame, find out more and see the instructions  on how to upload a FB BYN profile frame here.

    *The idea in the post must be submitted by a CWH resident for the BYN program with an EOI FORM

    Please share your feedback

    You can share your feedback about the project in a short feedback form HERE and / or a take part in a five minute survey HERE