Ageing in place workshops

According to the CHIA NSW State of the Industry Report (2018), almost half of the households living in community housing are over the age of 55 (or 45 for Aboriginal households) and just under 10% of all households are over the age of 80 (or 55 for Aboriginal households).

These numbers highlight the growing need for community housing providers such as CWH to consider and plan for the needs of our older residents across our housing services and products to enable them to successfully age in place.

To assist us in this process In March, we ran a number of workshops with residents in March this year. Throughout the workshops, we asked our residents what their view was regarding:

  • how they feel connected to their local community,
  • access to learning and community services, and
  • the physical environment in  their apartments. 

Over 40 residents attended 5 workshops, all of which identified as 55 years and over. The workshops were structured in an informal conversation style to encourage conversation and exploration of issues as they arose. Residents were encouraged to share their thoughts, whilst also being encouraged to listen to others.

The report from these workshops is in its draft stages so keep an eye out for its release soon. We would like to thank all residents who contributed their time and  provide input to these workshops.

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