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Having worked at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital for the past 15 years, Amanda had always been able to afford to live in Sydney and within walking distance of the hospital.

Beginnings and endings
In 2018, Amanda became a first-time mother, bringing a beautiful baby girl into the world. As any other new mum would, Amanda enjoyed time off work with the newest addition to her family. Sadly, Amanda’s relationship with her partner deteriorated and she soon became a single parent. The financial strain meant Amanda had no choice but to move her and her baby back home with her own mum for help.
The situation at Amanda’s mum’s house changed as well, and Amanda and her baby were sleeping in the lounge room for several months.

When Amanda made the decision to return to casual work at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, she was looking for the opportunity to move out and create a home for her daughter.

“I wanted the chance to give my daughter her own bedroom but there was no way I could afford to rent a home for the both of us and still stay close to work,” Amanda said.

Finding hope
Amanda was first introduced to affordable housing last year through a friend who is also a City West Housing resident. Amanda finally saw hope for a future of raising her daughter in an area she loved so dearly. Income-based affordable housing gave her the chance she needed to create a safe and secure home for the mother-and-daughter duo that they both deserve.

Amanda was able to secure a two-bedroom apartment in City West Housing’s newest development, the Blackwattle Apartments, fulfilling her dream of her daughter having her own bedroom.

Finally at home
Amanda finally feels at home in her new apartment with City West Housing, saying her life has changed dramatically, and for the better.

“I feel independent and like someone that can finally provide a beautiful home for their baby. My daughter loves our new place and always says ‘Yay! My house!’ when we get to the front door. Being able to stay in the area and close to work and still be close to family at an affordable rate is so lucky. I will be forever grateful to City West Housing.”

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