Community Projects

At City West Housing, we’ve always got something on the go. We’re looking for and doing projects that create community and make the places you live better. Here are just a few of our latest projects:

Tastes from Home Cookbook

CWH’s tastes from home is a community-based cookbook project. Each recipe in this collection was kindly contributed by City West Housing residents and staff. It’s an ongoing community project. Each time a new resident moves in, they’ll have the opportunity to contribute their own personal recipe. This way, everyone can continue to collect and add to their tastes from home recipe collection.

Waste & Rubbish Working Group

What a mess! Well, rubbish is a mess. And for most people, rubbish is a major pain. We’re looking for passionate residents who want to make a difference in reducing waste and rubbish from your buildings and households and doing education with other residents about how to recycle and dispose of waste and rubbish properly, so we can all be proud of the places where we live.

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