Congratulations to the 2023 Community Hero Award winners

City West Housing announced the winners of the 2023 Community Impact Awards at this year’s Annual Resident Forum. Due to the high number of nominations for the Community Hero Award, this year we recognised a runner-up and a winner.

Congratulations to the Community Hero Award winner, Susan Ruck, and runner-up, Barry Phillips, for making their communities and neighbourhoods great places to live.

Community Hero Award 2023 - Barry and Susan (Facebook)

The Community Hero Award is a great way to recognise and thank those City West Housing residents who show kindness, a willingness to lend a hand and contribute positively to others around them.

Building connections between residents is important. It strengthens communities, helps residents feel safe and connected, and provides a sense of purpose.

This year’s winner Susan, who is a nurse, was chosen because she “goes above and beyond for neighbours. She’s kind-hearted and generous in spirit. She often leaves her door open so residents know that they can come and borrow something or ask her for help or medicine if they ever need it.”

Barry was awarded the runner-up prize because he “is always checking on neighbours and cooking extra meals for tenants who do shift work or don’t have much. He always helps residents. He’ll give you a lift anywhere if you need it, particularly our frail or older neighbours to appointments.”

The Community Impact Awards celebrate City West Housing residents who are positively contributing to the people around them.

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