COVID Update greater rules and restrictions for Sydney

23 August 2021


Our priority is the health and safety of our residents. As lockdown continues there are new rules and restrictions for Greater Sydney and regional NSW. Please see a summary of the latest updates.

  • Stay within your local government area or within 5km from home
  • When you leave home, you must carry a face mask with you at all times.

COVID rules and restrictions are a fast moving and evolving situation make sure to check the NSW government’s latest updates here. Please see City West Housing’s (CWH) updated response to the pandemic here.

Summary of restrictions

You must stay home. Only leave your home if you have a reasonable excuse*.

If you must leave home, stay within your local area. Do not travel outside your local area if you can avoid it.

Sydney residents must do their shopping, exercise and outdoor recreation in their local government area or within five kilometres of their home, to slow the spread of coronavirus which came into effect on Monday 16 August, read more from the SMH Covid coverage:

To find out more about COVID rules and restrictions, testing and how to book a vaccine visit the NSW government website:

You must stay home. Only leave your home if you have a reasonable excuse – which is 5km from home or in your local government area

*A reasonable excuse to leave home is:

  • obtain food or other goods and services
    • within 5km of your home, or within your local government area
    • for the personal needs of the household or for other household purposes (including pets)
    • for vulnerable people
    • only one person per household may leave the home to obtain food or other goods and services each day (you may take a dependent person with you if that person cannot be left at home on their own).

How far is 5km from my home?

Please see a map from the NSW Government website to enter your address to display a distance of 5km from your home.


5km from home map

5km from home map

Rules for when you leave your home

Travelling by car

You may only travel in a car with other people that you live with, unless it is for

  • an emergency
  • a compassionate reason
  • to provide care or assistance to a vulnerable person
  • the car is being used as a taxi or rideshare.

You are allowed to share the car with a person you do not live with (carpool) if you are

  • required to use a vehicle for your work (for example, if you are a police officer working in a team of 2 people)
  • travelling with your nominated visitor (“singles bubble”) to exercise outdoors.

Exercise and outdoor recreation

  • Stay within your local government area. You can cross into another local government area if it is within 5km of your home
  • You can exercise with 1 other person that you do not live with, or your nominated visitor (“singles bubble”).
  • If you live with more than 2 other people, you can all go out together for exercise.

Proof of address

You must carry proof of your address if you

  • have left your home for a reasonable excuse
  • are exercising outdoors or have left your home for outdoor recreation, or
  • have a reasonable excuse and are leaving Greater Sydney including the Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Wollongong and Shellharbour local government areas.

You must show your proof of address if asked by the NSW Police.

Face masks

Thank you for wearing a face mask

In Greater Sydney, when you leave home, you must carry a face mask with you at all times (came into effect Monday 23 August).

You must wear a face mask

  • when you are outside in a public place (such as on a street or at a park)
  • in all indoor areas of non-residential premises
  • if you are on public transport or at a public transport waiting area
  • in a major recreation facility such as a stadium
  • if you are working in a hospitality venue
  • when working in an outdoor area.
  • in indoor and outdoor areas of construction sites, except when an exemption applies such as when

*wearing a face mask creates a safety issue or

*there is a worksite emergency


Face masks must be worn at indoor or outdoor areas of a fresh food market including:

  • Sydney Markets at Flemington Markets
  • Sydney Fish Markets.

Common indoor areas in residential buildings

You must wear a fitted face mask when you are in an indoor area of common property in a residential building.

You do not need to wear a mask inside your own apartment.

Common areas where you must wear a mask include

  • a shared foyer or lobby of an apartment block
  • lifts, stairwells and corridors
  • shared laundry facilities.

Masks must be worn by anyone entering including

  • residents and visitors
  • building managers, concierge staff and cleaners
  • people providing goods and services including tradespeople and contractors
  • people delivering food, mail and parcels.

Learn more about face mask rules.

Limit your physical contact with people you do not live with. See the restrictions for visitors to a residence.

NSW schools: advice for families

  • Stay-at-home rules apply to all schools in regional NSW
  • Depending on local conditions, schools will operate under one of the following levels of restrictions:
    • Level 4 plus: Minimal students and staff on site; learning from home, schools are open for families who need it
      • While on school sites, masks or face coverings are required for all staff, and all students in Year 7 and above. Find out more

More information from NSW Government on how to keep safe and seek support:

Vaccine eligibility

Help and support

Financial and other assistance is available. See the COVID-19 Support Package.




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