Financial Capability coaching

Good Shepherd can support City West Housing residents who struggle with rent arrears debt or who need help managing their finances generally.

Residents can self-refer to Firmer Foundations, a free service, as well as via referral from City West Housing staff.

Firmer Foundations provides one-on-one coaching to help people build financial resilience and make better financial decisions.

The coaching is non-judgmental and confidential, delivered online or by phone.

Financial Capability Coaching Topics could include:

  • Our relationship and behaviour with money: Exploring your unconscious motivations and how this affects how you manage your money
  • Understanding your financial situation: Setting financial goals, understanding bills, and planning your financial independence
  • Budget Planning: Learning how to control money and reduce stress by organising bills, exploring ways to decrease expenses, and developing a budget
  • Planning Ahead: Exploring additional income options, managing debts, and finding the right support services.
  • Utilities: Learning how to make sense of bills, becoming aware of various government supports, and understanding how a Financial Counsellor can help.

This service cannot pay off residents’ debts, provide loans or attend tenancy tribunal hearings relating to rent arrears debt.

If you need help with your finances, visit the Good Shepherd Firmer Foundations webpage or email or

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