Go-Get x City West Housing Partnership

Go-Get x City West Housing Partnership

City West Housing (CWH), today announces an innovative partnership with Australian car share provider GoGet. The partnership, a nationwide first, allows CWH residents free membership to GoGet’s best personal membership plan for the duration of their tenancy with CWH.

The membership will give CWH residents access to over 3,000 cars across Australia, for as little as $6.50 per hour which includes petrol, registration, insurance, repairs, cleaning and parking.

“For many residents of the inner city, car ownership represents a considerable financial cost. Car sharing programs like GoGet allow people to drive when they need to without the financial burden and hassle of car ownership and city parking. We’re excited to remove barriers that prevent our residents from accessing a car through our new partnership with GoGet,” said Leonie King, CWH CEO.

“The partnership is also a positive step towards sustainability, limiting the environmental toll of individual car ownership for our residents. We were pleased to hear that for every one GoGet car another 10 cars are removed from the road, allowing our residents to contribute to less congestion, reduced emissions and better air quality,” concluded King.

“GoGet carshare is a key piece of infrastructure to unlock housing affordability and liveability in our inner-city communities. Carshare removes the need for building expensive parking and decreases users transport costs. This first of its kind partnership with CWH reiterates our commitment to communities and equal access,” said Christopher Vanneste, GoGet Head of Locations and Partnership.

“We currently have parking pods an average of 280m from most CWH buildings, but to further enhance this great partnership, we hope to get approval for a GoGet car share parking space in front of, on-site, or very near to every City West Housing property, including future developments bringing added amenity to the residents and the local community,” he said.

Car owners who switch to GoGet can save on average more than $4000 annually. The average GoGetter also drives 50% less than car owners because they drive smarter, getting more done each trip, according to GoGet data.

GoGet also provides a variety of fleet options, including vans which will be made available at new CWH developments to assist residents moving large items into their new homes.

“City West have done a fantastic job delivering affordable housing for key workers in Glebe, Green Square, Pyrmont and Ultimo. By providing housing below private market rates, they help relieve the financial pressure faced by so many people and families today,” says Lord Mayor Clover Moore.

“I welcome their ongoing efforts to make not just housing more affordable, but the cost of living too. This new initiative will give City West tenants access to a more convenient, affordable and sustainable transport option than car ownership,” Moore concluded.

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