Good for residents, good for the planet

Measuring our environmental, social and governance (ESG) impact as a developer and manager of affordable housing has been a prime focus for City West Housing since launching our first Impact Report last year. Our goal is to plan for business growth, while ensuring the wellbeing of our residents and the future of our planet.

We are making small, incremental steps in refurbishing our existing housing stock in ways that contribute to positive resident and environmental outcomes.

In our kitchen upgrade program we are renovating the kitchens in 25 units at Quarry Master Drive, Pyrmont, including removing natural gas for cooking and switching to more cost-efficient renewable energy. This will reduce net greenhouse gas emissions for each household by 3%. With home appliances using an average of 25% of household energy, upgrading the cooktop and stove to more energy-efficient models will also mean ongoing cost savings for residents.

Lidia - kitchen upgrade

City West Housing resident Lidia, who used to work as an architect, appreciates her apartment being adapted to be more sustainable and efficient. “When it comes to looking after the environment, every little bit counts. I’m also looking forward to having my daughter over for a meal – we’ll be cooking a hearty winter soup together in my new kitchen!”


Barry, who has been living in his apartment for some 13 years, was thrilled to have his kitchen repainted, the cabinets and floor replaced, and get new induction cooking appliances. “The upgrade inspired me to do a bit of a clean out to get rid of clutter. The new kitchen makes me very happy and proud to live here.”

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