How to thrive during lockdown – resources to help boost your mental health

23 August 2021

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We want to make sure that you have resources and advice on how to look after your mental health, keep positive and where you can find support and keep connected, during these uncertain times with the impact of the COVID-19 restrictions.

1. Where to find help and support

Click on the image below to download a PDF directory of available 24/7 mental health support services that you can access by phone or online.

24/7 Mental Health supports

Beyond Blue offers FREE (24 hours 7 days a week) Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service which are available in languages other than English at:

Resources to help deal with anxiety and stress are available from Black Dog Institute.

Your doctor (GP) is often a good place to start for most mental health conditions. Doctors can provide treatment or refer you to other services for mental health. Search for a doctor in your location via HealthDirect. Or you can use the Australia-wide Find a PsychologistTM service. Go to: or call 1800 333 497

Kids Helpline offers counselling to children and young adults (aged 5 to 25). Call 1800 55 1800 or go to

Young people can also get support through headspace centres.

Headspace shares six ways to practice mindfulness:


2. Observe your breathing

Take a few minutes from your day to focus on your breathing. It’s important to remember that mindfulness isn’t a once off kind of thing. It takes time and practice to develop it.

You can start to practise your breathing by taking some deep breaths, in and out. Try casting your wandering thoughts aside. Read more about how to mediate.

Queensland Health share a breathing exercise on Instagram – check it out here:

Qld Health Breathing Exercise

3. Self-care: how to maintain your mental health during social isolation

Changing out of your pyjamas each morning, is an important tip from the Australian Psychological Society on how to maintain your mental health during social isolation. You can find more tips here.

Working from home can bring a whole new set of challenges and the need to provide structure to your day is even more important.

While you don’t have to dress as formally as you might when going into the office, getting out of your pyjamas can help you get in the right headspace to start your day.

See the See the Working from Home: a checklist for Lockdown below from the Black Dog Institute.

Resources for children and young people

Tips to help children and young people with home schooling:

  • Break the learning into small bite sized sections
  • Offer constructive feedback about the learning process not merely the end product
  • Get active inside with some full body exercises, or put some music on and dance freestyle before approaching the learning (check out exercise videos including dance here: <add link body blog>
  • Take mini breaks to stretch and move every 20-30 minutes
  • Start with something your child wants to learn because they enjoy it.

Wiggles video stay safe

To help Children and young people understand why they have to stay home to stay safe you can share with them a sing and dance video by the Wiggles.

4. Give your mental health a boost with some meditation and mindfulness

Meditation apps

From helping you focus, deal with pain and fears to even strengthening your immune system there are numerous reasons why mediation can help boost your mental health. Read more about the benefits of meditation.

And the best news… some meditations can be performed lying in bed, before you even start your day.

Check out Mindfulness of Breathing for Finding Relaxation and Loving-kindness Meditation for self and other by Wai Cheong Kok

You can try a meditation app like Headspace to listen to a led meditation at bedtime, first thing in the morning, or set a five-minute timer during your day to focus on your breathing and positive affirmations.

You can find some FREE mindfulness apps to get you started and FREE yoga videos here.

This self-isolation pack also includes some mindfulness exercises, puzzles, colouring in sheets, a quiz and more.

Headspace App

Headspace ap

An (iOS & Android) app designed to help people learn to meditate and live mindfully, with hundreds of themed sessions. There’s even one that you can do whilst running to keep your steps and mind light, free, and natural.

Headspace offers a FREE  7-day free trial.

Check it out here:

Free mindfulness and yoga resources


5. Find ways to keep connected

Reaching out to friends and family during this period can also be a really important pillar of support.

Share with them how you’re feeling and stay connected either online or on the phone.

Find out more information on the other key measures Beyond Blue has highlighted that will help strengthen and support your mental health through the coronavirus pandemic.

Learn more about how to activate your support network

Online book club

Learning a new skill online is a win, win, where you can also connect with others such as:






To find some more resources on how to boost your physical health – check out CWH’s blog on HOW TO THRIVE DURING LOCKDOWN – KEEP FIT, WELL AND ACTIVE.

We’d love to hear how you’re keeping connected and looking after your mental health please share with us your ideas and pursuits at: City West Housing or tag @cwh.citywesthousing on Facebook or @citywesthousing on Instagram.

More information from NSW Government on how to keep safe: