No longer behind the eight ball

Year 8 student and City West Housing resident Pazzy loves school. But she can’t always understand what her maths teacher is asking, as English is her second language. This can lead to feeling ashamed in front of classmates and the risk of getting left behind.

Pazzy’s father Panya says: “We think the best way to help Pazzy catch up at school is to have maths tutoring outside school. Maths is really important for her future and she needs to get good marks for the next stage of her education.”

Panya & Pazzy

City West Housing is helping to fund Pazzy’s tutoring through the Aspire Education Fund. Now in its second year, Aspire supports young residents in Years 7-10 to stay in high school with grants of up to $1,000 a year.

“The Aspire money will help us a lot because we struggle to send her to tutoring and sometimes we have to cut back on the classes. Our family was really happy when we heard our application was successful,” Panya says.

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