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City West Housing actively seeks to partner with like-minded organisations as we develop and manage our affordable housing portfolio, build stronger communities and provide valuable support services for our residents.

If your organisation would like to partner with City West Housing, contact us to find out how you can get involved. Thank you to all our partners who are helping City West Housing transform lives and communities.

We have a range of partners who work with us to support residents by providing crisis intervention and long-term support health and wellbeing services to help them sustain their tenancies.

To find out more about our new Tenancy Support Partner Strategy read here:
CWH Tenancy Support Partner Strategy

Deadly Connections aims to reduce the systemic representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People in child protection and the justice system. Under this partnership Deadly Connections assists its clients to complete the CWH application process and offers support so that Aboriginal tenancies can be sustained and flourish, forming part of CWH’s broader Reconciliation Action Plan.

Good Shepherd provides financial coaching and counselling to assist people develop a healthy relationship with money, gain new skills and become more financially secure with their new-found knowledge. Commencing in 2020, the partnership has seen CWH and Good Shepherd roll out a series of budgeting and financial workshops for our residents, which have been particularly timely, helping tenants during periods of recent financial hardship. Under the agreement CWH also refers residents for one-on-one financial help with Good Shepherd financial counsellors.

Women’s and Girls’ Emergency Centre (WAGEC) delivers crisis and early intervention accommodation and support services to women, young people and families experiencing or at risk of homelessness, or domestic violence. Since 2020, CWH has provided a furnished apartment for WAGEC to use as transitional accommodation for their clients as they seek and settle into more permanent housing.

Women’s Community Shelters has recently joined forces with CWH, Scape Australia and the City of Sydney in a brand new initiative which will provide safe and secure accommodation for up to 20 single women at risk of homelessness. Using empty student units, left vacant due to the COVID-19 pandemic and less demand from international students, the partnership has been made possible through funding from the City of Sydney.

Support Partnerships Strategy

The following principles guide how CWH identifies and maintains partnerships under the CWH Tenancy Support Partner Strategy.  We partner with agencies:

  • Whose service specialisation matches the needs of CWH residents.
  • Whose primary purpose for partnering with CWH will be to help CWH sustain tenancies.
  • Where there is philosophical alignment and a preparedness to agree on shared values, goals, measurable outcomes, and processes for accountability.
  • Where the relationship is characterized by mutual trust, respect, genuineness, and commitment.
  • Which embrace clear and open communication, be prepared to understand our needs, and develop a common language.
  • Which are prepared to negotiate processes for decision-making and conflict resolution (with a proposed Service Level Agreement).
  • Which are committed to continuously improving the Partnership and its outcomes.
  • Which share the benefits of the Partnership’s accomplishments.

Federal, State and Local Government are variously trusted City West Housing partners in a range of ways that are vital to our business and its growth, including: as funders, providing rates concessions or developer levies, sources of land for development or housing stock, and program delivery partners.

The City of Sydney is CWH’s foundational partner. Working collaboratively since 1996, we’ve been able to revitalise inner city communities by building some 900 affordable rental apartments, using funds largely earmarked through private development contributions. We also collaborate on a range of innovative projects and strategic initiatives, making sure our tenants remain living, working and contributing to the vibrant inner-city communities they now call home.

NSW Government

The NSW Government has shaped CWH’s history, including the initial establishment of the Company and an ongoing role as shareholders through the NSW Treasurer and Minister for Families, Communities and Disability Services.

NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) provides the planning framework that facilitates contributions from developers to help fund affordable housing. It has also provided funding support via capital contributions, annual funding incentives and access to land to help CWH deliver 900 affordable homes for very low to moderate income earners.

NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DPIE) Through a collaboration with DPIE CWH is unlocking the benefits of installing 618 rooftop solar panels on three of its buildings, significantly reducing the energy costs and carbon footprint of 225 apartments. With the Department’s investment and strategic oversight of the project, CWH is passing on much-needed energy savings of between $64k to $68k collectively each year. A real win for our tenants, who typically can’t tap into solar savings when living in the private rental market. And a win for the environment.

The Federal Department of Social Services contributes funding to CWH via the National Rental Affordability Scheme. This Scheme drives the supply of new and affordable rentals, giving financial incentives to approved providers over a 10-year timeframe. This funding model provides much-needed certainty when affordable housing developers, like CWH, are making major investment and construction decisions over the long-term.


City West Housing has partnerships with a range of companies to provide benefits and cost savings variously to our residents, staff and the business:

Advantage Property Styling is a premier property styling company that provides quality furniture, artwork and accessories to increase the appeal of properties to potential purchasers. They have partnered with us to donate quality, ex-display furniture that may have otherwise ended up in landfill, so our residents can furnish their homes on trend and on budget.​

GoGet, Australia’s largest professional car sharing service, partnered with us to offer all CWH residents a free membership plan for the duration of their tenancy with CWH. It gives them access to over 3,000 cars across Australia, for as little as $6.50 per hour, including petrol, registration, insurance, repairs, cleaning and parking.

Harvey Norman Commercial Victoria By tapping into a deal brokered by PowerHousing on behalf of its membership base, CWH has been able to partner with Harvey Norman Commercial Victoria, to purchase subsidised ovens and cooktops to help refurbish 134 of its tenants’ kitchens in 2021 and 2022. Harvey Norman has realised the commercial and broader economic benefits of supporting the community and social housing sector, which builds and refurbs thousands of dwellings across Australia. Thanks to their foresight, CWH’s has been able to stretch its budget much further, with more of our tenants being able to enjoy these stylish kitchen upgrades.

MyConnect is a service that streamlines the process of connecting utilities and services when moving. By partnering with MyConnect, CWH helps residents connect all their essential utilities on the agreed day for free, saving time, hassle, and money.

Scape Australia, facing high vacancy rates across its international student accommodation portfolio in 2020-2021, has taken a bold step to partner with CWH, Women’s Community Shelters and the City of Sydney to put its empty units to really good use. Providing much needed transitional housing for single women at risk of homelessness, it’s hoped this unique and innovative partnership model will be replicated in other cities around Australia. The first tenants moved in, in February 2022.


Valiant Interiors furniture hire company partnered with CWH to furnish a number of apartments in our new developments for residents who had few possessions to set up their new homes. By re-purposing pre-loved display furniture, still in excellent condition, the partnership has been a win for the environment as well as our tenants.

City West Housing actively engages with the following industry bodies that contribute to the knowledge, professionalism and collaboration of our organisation and its staff.

The Australasian Housing Institute helps equip professionals working in the social, affordable and community housing industry by providing a range of events, educational forums, networking opportunities and award programs in Australia and New Zealand. The AHI’s programs are designed to educate, empower and connect people, including those working at CWH, to help them develop meaningful careers in the industry.

The national Community Housing Industry Association represents community housing providers, which jointly manage a $30 billion-plus portfolio of more than 100,000 rental properties across Australia. These assets provide homes to people on low to moderate incomes, struggling to afford housing in the private market. As a CHIA member, CWH taps into research, policy development and advocacy services to empower, grow and develop the sector.

The Community Housing Industry Association NSW (CHIA NSW) is the peak body for NSW community housing, providing strategic advice, research, policy and advocacy services for its stakeholders, with a focus on growing and developing the State’s community housing sector. As a member of CHIA NSW, we also benefit from professional development opportunities, industry networking and knowledge sharing across the sector.

Committee for Sydney As the peak advocacy and urban policy developer for Greater Sydney, the Committee for Sydney focuses on making our city one of the best in the world. With funding from leading corporations, government agencies and cultural institutions underpinning its strategy, the Committee fosters powerful collaborations to bring about change. CWH values the opportunity to contribute to the conversation as our city embraces change and constantly evolves.

PowerHousing Australia provides a forum for affordable housing providers like CWH to collaborate, share knowledge, recognise outstanding industry achievements, broker funding and commercial partnerships and help shape and influence national housing policy. CHW greatly values its association with PowerHousing and the opportunities it provides to strengthen our talent, sharpen our insights and contribute to the influence and expansion of the sector.

Shelter NSW is a policy, research and advocacy body which aims to support the creation of a sustainable housing system, which provides secure homes for all. They do this by engaging experts and communities to research and find solutions to address housing insecurity in all its forms. As a member of Shelter, CWH benefits from the broad network of industry stakeholders aligned with the vision of providing an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable housing system.

The Urban Development Industry Association (UDIA) is the leading development industry body representing more than 500 public and private sector members, focused on creating liveable, affordable and connected cities. CWH highly values its association with UDIA as it advocates for land, development opportunities and a positive regulatory environment to ensure its members can get on with building vibrant urban precincts. We also value the professional development and cross-industry collaborative opportunities UDIA provides.

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