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Our new postal address is PO Box 141, Pyrmont NSW 2009

Our Projects

Tastes from Home Cookbook

Tastes from home is a community based cookbook project. Each recipe within this collection was kindly contributed by City West Housing tenants and staff. This community project is ongoing. Each time a new tenant moves in, they will have the opportunity to contribute their own personal recipe. This way, everyone can continue to collect and add to their “Tastes from Home” recipe collection.

Waste & Rubbish Working Group

Waste management is a major pain point for many residents. Whilst most do the right thing (put their rubbish in the appropriate coloured bins i.e. paper/plastics/general waste etc.), the behaviour of a few is having a substantial impact. CWH are looking for a collective group of passionate residents who would like to make a difference in reducing their buildings waste and improving resident communication and education about waste reduction.
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