Recognising a resident leader

Resident Barbara Bromfield received the Leadership Award at this year’s Annual Resident Forum. The award recognises a City West Housing resident with the vision, commitment and endurance to lead initiatives that build community.

As part of our Build Your Neighbourhood program, Barbara runs a successful plant library and gardening project for the apartment building where she has lived for eight years. She does not have a green thumb, but through her hard work and dedication, the project encouraged a positive shift within the resident community.

Barbara with award certificate

What began with the swapping of plants between neighbours soon led to the exchange of baked treats, haircuts, and fresh produce. The back garden that was once unused and somewhat neglected transformed into a hub of activity where residents meet weekly for morning tea and to tend to the plants.

One resident reported, ‘The garden helped me be more social and make friends’.

Barbara also regularly organises wellbeing and social outings to encourage residents to get involved. Another resident described Barbara as their building’s unofficial ‘Emergency Officer’ because residents often go to her for help and she never turns anyone away.

Another resident who nominated Barbara for the award said it best: “Barbara continually steps up with love, kindness, quick decision-making and passion – all attributes of good leadership.”

Learn more about the plant library.

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