Welcome to the new City West Housing Resident Portal!

The Resident Portal aims to make your interactions with City West Housing easier and more convenient. By logging into the portal, you’ll be able to:

  1. Pay your rent
  2. Request rent statements
  3. Submit rent review paperwork electronically
  4. Manage arrears and repayment agreements
  5. Notify CWH of changes to your circumstances

To access the Resident Portal, just enter your mobile phone number as the username login. You’ll be sent a code right away to enter as your password, which will then grant you access to the portal. For security reasons, each time you log in using your mobile phone number you will be sent a new code.

Further communications we send you from the portal will be sent either by your mobile phone number or your email address, depending on which you have nominated as your preferred communication type. If you have nominated mail as your preference, we will correspond with you by mail and you won’t need to access the portal at all.


You can now make a secure payment directly through the portal. You can either log directly into the portal to pay your rent or contact us for a special link to be sent to you via SMS or email.

Once you log into the Portal you will be taken to a secure new webpage on the BPOINT site. You can then choose which account to pay (rent or non-rent) and the amount. Once the payment is complete, you’ll see a confirmation of it on the screen.


You can log into the portal and use self-service to generate a rent statement with information for the previous 90 days. Once a rent statement is requested, you’ll receive an SMS or email with a link to download your rent statement as a PDF.


When it is time for a rent review, we will contact you by either SMS, email or mail, depending on which form of communication you have nominated as your preference.

If by SMS or email, we will send you a link which will allow you to open a form with your name, phone number and email already on it.  You’ll be able to complete the following details and submit the form electronically:

  • Assets
  • Income sources
  • Household members and their details, including relationship to you and income sources

The form will also require you to upload proof of your income.


If you get into arrears, we will send you a reminder which will allow you to either:

  • Make a payment
  • Request us to call you
  • Enter into a repayment agreement

If you choose to make a payment, you’ll be sent a link to BPOINT to do so.

If you choose a call back, we’ll let your Housing Manager know to call you.

If you choose to enter into a repayment agreement, a form will be sent to you that you can complete online and submit. The completed form will be sent to your Housing Manager who will then monitor your payments


You can change your details by logging into the portal which will allow you to:

  • Apply to add an additional occupant to the household
  • Remove an occupant from the household

You can also use the link to advise us of a:

  • Change in health or disability status
  • New baby in the household*
  • Change of household income

* If you are adding a new baby to the household, you will be asked to upload a copy of their birth certificate.

Any questions or feedback about the new Resident Portal? Just contact Reception on 02 8584 7500,  your Housing Manager  or send us an email at


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