Shooting for the stars

When Alisara moved to high school this year for Year 7, her mother Nott was looking for ways for her daughter to find her passion and make friends. “It has been a big change for Alisara going from primary school to high school,” Nott says, “and there is a lot more schoolwork.”

“Alisara said she wanted to try basketball, but I thought the ball would be too heavy for her! Even though she is not tall, she is very fast. And she loves it.”

Alisara - Aspire Education Fund recipient crop

Alisara’s participation in basketball has been made possible by an Aspire Education Fund grant. Aspire is an exciting new City West Housing initiative to support young residents to stay in high school. Residents who are parents or primary caregivers of young people currently in Years 7-10 can apply for up to $1,000 a year in support for their child’s education.

Nott says: “I actually couldn’t pay the basketball fees if I didn’t get the grant. We also have to buy a basketball and the uniform. Alisara knows how lucky we are.”

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