In April this year CWH tenant Annie decided she wanted to encourage other tenants of all ages to join together by hosting a social inclusion focused event.

“No one knows their neighbours anymore. The modern definition of a ‘good neighbour’ is not someone you can
call on to borrow a screwdriver from rather, someone who just doesn’t bother you. Well, why can’t we have both? Sure, not everyone wants to know their neighbour’s star sign or milk preference but wouldn’t it be nice to at least know who lives next door? Or maybe you’re like me and want that bit more, that real sense of community from where you rest your head. 

Being residents of CWH puts us in the fortunate position of being able to have that, they’ve got the resources if we’ve got the enthusiasm. I’ve pitched the idea of a house warming, a community garden, an art installation, school holiday kids activities, and more but this isn’t just my house it’s everyone’s home so if you’re on the same page and want in on a building where someone will water your plants when you’re away or do the school pick-up when you’re working late then raise your voice and have your say. You might not have time, we mightn’t have anything in common but where’s the harm in just saying ‘hi’?” – Annie CWH tenant.”

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