Update: CWH Tenant Voice (CWH TV)

Update: CWH Tenant Voice (CWH TV)

The CWH TV crew have been busy working on some exciting new projects over the past few months. The team have been focusing on community awareness and the positive impact being a CWH resident in affordable housing can create in our local area.

The current project we are contributing towards is the annual Christmas in Pyrmont event. CWH and the TV members are planning a stall with lots of info about affordable housing in the local area, why we need to change the negative perception associated with affordable housing and the people who live in rent-controlled apartments. We want to let the community know CWH residents are proud of where they live and bring plenty to the ‘community table’.

Christmas in Pyrmont will take place on 24 November featuring a CWH stall. This is a great opportunity for other residents of CWH to get involved and let people know what a positive impact affordable housing has had on their families and livelihood. If you would like to be involved, please contact the CWH Communications team. The CWH TV group would love to hear from you!

Fair Day is another project the TV group is working on with a goal to have a stall on the day (similar to earlier this year) followed by the possibility of a float in the 2020 Mardi Gras Parade. CWH and the TV group want to put the message out to as many diverse communities, how good it is to live in the local area, in affordable quality housing and feel a sense of safety and community inclusion.

Another exciting CWH TV project in the making is the ‘Buddy Scheme’. The TV group are looking at ways’ residents can buddy up with other neighbours who may need help or assistance or just some old fashioned neighbour support. This can be especially helpful to older residents or English is not their first language.

Lastly, planning is underway to launch something special at the next resident forum in November. So, make sure you RSVP!

If you would like to be involved in the dynamic CWH TV group, have some fun and be part of a vibrant committee, jump on the CWH website and apply, the group is always looking for enthusiastic newcomers.

Stay safe, enjoy the spring weather and we hope to hear from you soon.


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