Waste and Rubbish Resident Working Group

Do you feel passionate about your building, keeping it clean and being proud of where you live?

Are you interested in reducing waste and rubbish, in your household and your building?

Let’s be honest, rubbish is a major pain. Most people do the right thing. They put their rubbish in the right place, and sort it out into the correct coloured bins for paper, plastics and glass, and general waste. But some people aren’t doing the right thing. It can mean that people’s good efforts to recycle are wasted, if the materials are contaminated. And it can be messy and smelly if the wrong things are going in the wrong places.

So, what can I do?
City West Housing is looking for passionate residents who would like to make a difference in reducing their building’s waste. As a group, you’ll also work to improve communication with other residents about correct recycling and disposal, as well as contribute to education about waste reduction.

The more residents that get involved, the more powerful effect we can have on our environment in a positive way! Just fill out the form here and we’ll get in contact with you. Thanks for your help!