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Residents who attended the 2023 Annual Resident Forum asked a range of questions, including on the topics below. This page will be updated with answers to those questions as new information becomes available.

To address antisocial behaviour in our apartment buildings City West Housing has a multipronged approach.

We encourage open communication between residents and CWH so that residents know that they have someone to talk to and they understand their rights and obligations as tenants.

We recognise that community-building activities are important and look to bring such programs to complexes where anti-social behaviour is an issue.

We also collaborate with law enforcement, where necessary, to build a case against any tenant where persistent anti-social behaviour is evident to ensure a safe, harmonious living environment for all residents.

Current funded Build Your Neighbourhood initiatives are featured on our website here.  Applications for 2024 Build Your Neighbourhood grants are now closed.

We also regularly feature Build Your Neighbourhood initiatives in the CWH Connect newsletter and in our social media posts.

If you would like to join an existing initiative or start one in your building, please contact our Community Engagement Officer at:

City West Housing is not going to lose sight of residents in the City of Sydney and we remain committed to providing a good service.

There are two properties currently in the pipeline that lie outside the City of Sydney portfolio, one in Bankstown and one in Rockdale. We have a clear strategy for where we want to build as we want to provide good service wherever we are. This strategy includes consideration of distance from our office and also access to other services.

The main rationale for expanding into other LGAs is because it is increasingly difficult to find and purchase land within the City of Sydney. Things have changed since we started 30 years ago. At that time, Pyrmont and Ultimo were going through a renewal which made it easier to purchase land; the same goes for Green Square. Now City West Housing finds itself increasingly competing with private, for-profit developers in the area.

While we will continue to look to invest within the City as a key focus, we also want to do more, with the need for affordable housing everywhere.

City West Housing recognises that some residents in two of our buildings are experiencing discomfort in their homes during hot weather. The location and aspect of these buildings are contributing factors to the thermal comfort of some apartments.

We have recently appointed a thermal comfort engineer to make an assessment of the situation and recommend practical solutions to mitigate the heat issue. We are also working with residents to collect information about temperatures in their apartments on hot days.

The Assets Team will keep residents in these buildings updated as more information becomes available.

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