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Alteration requests

As per your Residential Tenancy Agreement, City West Housing tenants must first seek written consent before they add a fixture or make any renovation, alteration or addition to the premises.

Generally, a request for an alteration or addition made by the tenant shall be at their expense, unless agreed otherwise. City West Housing does not permit residents to carry out their own alterations or additions.

Your request will be considered by our maintenance team and if suitable, a quote for the works will be provided to you. If you agree to the cost, and if consent is given, the works will be carried out by our head contractor Asset Trade Services (ATS). We will then invoice you for the cost of the alteration or addition which you are expected to pay within 7 days.

If you require an alteration or addition due to a disability, then you must first be assessed by an Occupational Therapist. City West Housing requires an Occupational Therapist’s report with specifications to carry our alterations under these circumstances.